ISASP Laboratory


◎ Protected horticulture

The research develops novel automatic control techniques of crop production, which consists of cloud system design, human machine interface (HMI) design, plant growth chamber design, hydroponics system, LED lighting in plant growth in order to achieve automatic and standardized cultivation.


◎ Intelligent bionic micro-robot

This research is based on theory of mechanism design and aided with micro-controller application. The two techniques are adopted to develop one mechanism capable of mimicking special ability of mechatronics and hardware design.


◎ Autonomous navigation and sensor fusion

This research is based on circuit design and aided with program language. One multi-sensor fusion system is designed and applied to guidance of agricultural mobile robot, intelligent control, and internet of things (IoT). The system is combined with adaptive signal processing and system control algorithm to implement indoor or outdoor environmental monitoring and mining. In addition, it utilizes MEMs-based navigator, inertial measurement unit, laser scanning, servo vision and one embedded system to develop one intelligence environmental monitoring and control system in application for agricultural and horticultural field.






Update date: 30 Jan, 2015